National Alpaca Farm Day 2022

28 January 2021     British Alpaca Society

The BAS is running the UK National Alpaca Farm Day to encourage anyone and everyone to come and meet an alpaca.

In 2021 30,000 people attended over 90 events.

The aim is to have dozens of alpaca herds open to the public over the same weekend supported by a central promotional campaign in the weeks leading up to the events on September 3rd and 4th 2022.  Events on either, or both days, over that weekend will qualify for promotional support.

For BAS members who already open to the public National Alpaca Farm Day is a chance to boost awareness and for others it could be a first venture in promoting the animals that BAS members are so passionate about.

All interested BAS members can register their event with BAS and have it listed on the BAS website to allow members of the public to find a local event.  The size and type of event is up to BAS members to decide; it can be simple or “all singing and dancing”.  It depends on what you can manage.

Event size
The size or scale of event is entirely down to you but there are some important points to think about before going ahead.

  • Small – a private event for neighbours, friends or local interest groups with limited numbers and open for a couple of hours.
  • Medium – covering your village or local area and contacting local schools to invite children and their families.  Tours could take place at set times and you could open for four or five hours.
  • Large – have a number of separate attractions to interest visitors and open for the whole day.

Forward planning
It is also important to plan before the day and cover the following areas:

Safety – For all events you need to think about carparking, public liability insurance, a health and safety risk assessment, health and safety instructions, adequate toilets and handwashing facilities.  Is there disabled access, do you allow dogs, is smoking allowed?

Access – Have a “Welcome area” where you can brief visitors on the correct procedures. Make a choice about what is “in” and what is “out”.  Obviously keep visitors away from any areas of danger. Think about the flow of people around your event make it easy for visitors to follow the right route.

Signage – Put signs out around your local road to bring people into your event.  If you have narrow lanes it might be worth having a one-way system that avoids congestion.  Free standing signs on a post are fine but don’t attach your signs to the councils “street furniture”.

Helpers – Make sure you have enough trusted helpers to run the day.  Depending on the size you might need carpark attendants, welcomers, handwashing supervisors as well as people to talk about the animals you have or the products you make from alpaca fibre.

Weather – If it rains do you go ahead?  If so, how will your plan change.

Marketing plans
BAS will work on national and regional promotion on TV and radio.  BAS will provide electronic templates for flyers, facts sheets and invitations.  All participating members can add their own materials to the standard mix.  Support material from BAS will be free to participating herds.

BAS will have a dedicated page on the website to the events which can carry all the information (including links to a participant’s website) for each event that the organisers want to share.

Register your interest

This event is free to all BAS members.  If you would like to be part of the BAS UK National Alpaca Farm Day email BAS CEO Duncan Pullar at