About The British Alpaca Society

The British Alpaca Society (BAS) currently has approximately 1800 members representing 45000 alpacas all the way from Lands End to John O’Groats (and Northern Ireland).

BAS is a membership society dedicated to the welfare of alpacas and the education of their owners in the UK.

Via its regional groups, BAS provides information, support and events for alpaca owners, breeders and all those interested in alpacas. The Society keeps its members up to date with all alpaca news and initiatives in the UK.

BAS provides a free bi-monthly magazine to its members and regular electronic updates via a newsletter.

The BAS also provides its members with regular updates on alpaca initiatives and developments.

Represents all alpacas and their owners in the UK with government bodies such as DEFRA and APHA.

Maintains a world class pedigree register for all alpacas in the UK national herd and a European directory for all BAS registered alpacas domiciled in Europe.

Provide an import screening service to members to ensure that all imported alpacas achieve a minimum standard when introduced to the national herd pedigree register.

The BAS delivers a national welfare network via its National Welfare Committee and regional representatives for the protection of all alpacas in the UK.

The BAS manages and supports a UK national show circuit for the promotion of alpacas with 20+ events around the country.  Some of the shows are party of county shows and others stand alone. There are halter shows for alpacas and fleece shows. BAS governs the rules for the alpaca halter shows, composite shows and fleece shows throughout the UK. It also provides the members with an annual National Show which is open to all alpacas in the UK and is held in March each year.

Through the comprehensive BAS judge training scheme, the society provides the UK industry with certified qualified judges to support the growing show circuit and through its compulsory  judges’ calibration and re-certification process, it maintains the standard and consistency of alpaca judging in the UK.

The BAS, through its National Fibre Committee, provides members with information on shearing, skirting, sorting and processing alpaca fibre. Through numerous initiatives it has a duty to keep members informed and up to date with all developments within the alpaca fibre marketplace.

The BAS, through its National Education Committee, provides numerous courses on alpaca assessment, advanced alpaca assessment, alpaca fibre and processing for breeders. It is produced a certified course, delivered by “affiliates”,  in all aspects of alpaca management, husbandry and breeding.

The British Alpaca Society is….
‘passionate about all things alpaca’

The breed society that helps ensure the wellbeing of the alpacas we love, celebrates and promotes them and works to ensure they have a bright and long-lasting future in the UK

The BAS operate in 3 areas:

1. Wellbeing .  Our number 1 priority: making sure every alpaca is well cared for We will make it easy to understand and give alpacas what they need to thrive
2. Lifestyle.  Helping members and the public appreciate and enjoy these wonderful animals We will help members with common interests share their experience, knowledge and ideas
3. Opportunity. Inspiring and supporting people to realise their personal and business ambitions with alpacas We will support the continuous improvement of the national herd and help maximise its potential

You can find the full priorities Message House document here.