Alpaca Shearers

Why Shear?

As a fibre animal alpacas need to be sheared regularly. Shearing has the following benefits: it improves the welfare of the animal by avoiding overheating, reduces chances of flystrike, allows better assessment of overall condition (eg body scoring), allows inspection of the skin condition and possible parasite eg mite infestation and allows more effective treatment if required.

Shearing Considerations

Shearing in the correct weather conditions is important to avoid distress/discomfort from sudden changes in temperature; Shearing in cold, changeable weather and/or rain can cause hypothermia; animals and weather should be monitored closely. Consider the effects of wind chill on a shorn alpaca especially if also wet.

Suitable indoor facilities, bedding and coats should be on hand if required. Any cuts incurred from shearing should be appropriately treated and kept under observation in case of infection or flystrike.

When shearing – your animals should be kept as stress free as possible. Appropriate penning, power facilities, lighting and shelters will make the shearing experience better for both you and your animals.

You should ensure your shearer observes good biosecurity procedures including disinfecting tools and equipment.  Please note it is illegal for your shearer to offer any Prescription Only Medication, e.g. vaccinations and worming products.  Work with your Vet to have a comprehensive health care plan.

Please note: The British Alpaca Society does not Endorse or Approve any shearers – This list is provided solely to assist members who may have difficulty in finding/contacting shearers and does not imply any specific level of competence. Please contact us if you know of any shearers who are not on the list or if you believe any of the details are incorrect.

In alphabetical order by Surname…..

List of Shearers

Name: Mike Banks

Based: Runs a few crews countrywide

Mobile: 07906 667454

Name: Richard Barnaby

Based: UK, France & Italy

Mobile: 07843885336

Name: J Blake

Based: UK

Mobile: 07511 015840

Name: Bravo International Alpaca Shearing

Based: International


Name: John Davies

Based: Wales and English Borders

Mobile:07779 553427

Name: Steve Doughty

Based: Boston, Lincolnshire

Tel: 01205 280276 Mobile: 07823 332008

Name: Trevor Gellatly

Based: Countrywide


Tel: (00) 11 61 894 081 062 (Australia) Mobile: 07 500 544 596

Name: James Hamilton

Based: SW and West Midlands

Tel: 01242 506500 Mobile: 07540 621042

Name: Scott Harding

Based: Cornwall to Lancashire


Tel:07932 741898

Name: David & Moragh Harrison

Based: UK

Tel: 01983 555080 or 07734 830325

Name: Ian Horner

Based: South & South West

Tel: 01963 351743 or Mobile: 07974 314211

Name: Kevin Howe & Fiona Harrison

Based: Scotland


Name: Wayne Jones

Based: Northants/Oxon/Warks


Tel: 07738 696762

Name: Mrs Koryniaka

Based: England

Tel: 07969 632404 or Mobile: 07881 987986

Name: Mark McCabe

Based: UK


Tel: 07516401014 or Mobile:

Name: Shear Alpacas - Jamie Meakin


Tel: 07402 944932

Name: Allen & Sandra Muriel

Based: Cornwall/Devon: France/ Spain/Portugal


Mobile: 07870 612559 or 07498 001169

Name: Garry Naish

Based: Bristol and surrounding areas

Mobile: 07785 116211

Name: Tony Neaves

Based: South East England

Mobile: 07814 519990

Name: Colin Ottery

Based: S.W. England

Mobile: 07773 440354

Name: Susie Parish

Based: South of England and France

Mobile: 07767 765646

Name: Flis Proctor

Based: England

Mobile: 07783268257

Name: Adam Riley

Based: Countrywide


Name: Lara and Paige Rowbotham

Based: South/ Se/ Norfolk / Midlands


Tel: 07837 235425

Name: Bob Shaw

Based: UK and Europe

Mobile: 07889 053826

Name: Sandra Scott

Tel: 01763 242724 Mobile: 07942859661

Name: Shearco

Tel: 02088167395

Name: Adam Stoneman

Based: S, Wales and English Borders


Tel: 01291 650655

Name: Jamie Taylor

Based: All Uk /Southern Ireland

Tel: 07969331660

Name: Dave Thomas

Based: Based in Carmarthen (shears at weekends but will travel as far as Gloucestershire)

Mobile: 07881 696310

Name: Ben Wheeler

Based: Countrywide

Mobile: 07770 375300

Name: Jonathan Waters

Based: North of England

Tel: 07803692495

Name: John and Jackie Waugh

Tel: 01434 240267 Mobile: 07714 462424

Name: Kirsti Wilde

Tel: 07748 613771