Welfare Fact Sheets & Guide

Welfare Fact Sheets

Set out below are links to welfare fact sheets on specific issues.  Click on the description to get to the fact sheet.

Fact Sheet #1 ReproductionFact Sheet #2 MatingFact Sheet #3 BirthingFact Sheet #4 Body Condition ScoringFact Sheet #5 NutritionFact Sheet #6.01 Herd Flock protectorsFact Sheet #7 InjectionsFact Sheet #8 TicksFact Sheet #9 Minerals and VitaminsFact Sheet #10 ToenailsFact Sheet #11 WormsFact Sheet#12 -prepare for shearingFact Sheet #13 -bTB Frequently asked question Fact Sheet #14 – Fitting a Head Collar CorrectlyFact Sheet #15a Shearing

All the factsheets above in a booklet form

Fact Sheet Booklet 2022

Another very detailed source of Information is the “Alpacas, Llamas & Guanaco: Welfare Guide 2014”. Download it here:

Alpacas, Llamas & Guanaco: Welfare Guide 2014

If you are affected by bTB you need to understand what is expected of you and what Defra will ask of you. The chart below summarizes the different scenarios that you might encounter and who should do what.

bTB flow chart