Dog Attacks on Alpacas

Sadly dog attacks on alpacas are reported to BAS at the rate of 3 or 4 per year.

If your animals are subject to a dog attack then, depending on what is happening you should:

  1. Stop the attack by any reasonable means
  2. Call the vet to treat any injuries
  3. Collect evidence  – take pictures, “arrest” the dog if possible.
  4. Take contact details from the dog owner, if present, and witnesses if there are any.
  5. Report the incident to the police

Previous work has shown

  • In the majority of those incidents alpacas were injured
  • In approximately  30% of incidents at least one alpaca was killed or died as a result.
  • In about one quarter of the incidents, in which alpacas were in cria, they aborted.
  • Generally incidents happen in field with NO footpath in the paddock
  • Two dogs were shot or put down as a result of an attack (Please note shooting dogs which are attacking your ALPACAS could result in a criminal prosecution against YOU )
  • In one third of the incidents the dog was with a person
  • Average cost to owners of vet fees, where a vet was required, was around £600
  • Average costs to owners around £2500

Please report any attacks to the BAS using


You can down load a poster that may be of help by clicking here.