Alpaca Trekking

Alpaca Trekking

Alpaca trekking is an increasingly popular activity.  Many BAS members run trekking businesses that allow the public to get to know these lovely animals by taking them for a short walk on a lead rope.


Code of practice

The BAS has produced a trekking code of practice that highlights what responsible members who offer trekking should be doing to ensure the welfare of their alpacas and the safety of their clients.

The BAS are pleased to present a Trekking Code of Practice along with the British Llama Society, which members with trekking interests are invited to endorse and implement.  BAS will keep a registry of those that sign up to the code of practice which will help with information for trekking businesses and allow you to show customers you are keen to apply best practice – you get a certificate!!!

You can get the CoP here and the registration form here.