Alpaca Shows and Events

The British Alpaca Society offers a registered national network of shows which enables breeders to compete and compare their achievements with other herds within a balanced and discerning framework.

The shows are run to strict BAS rules which adhere to the accepted worldwide standards for showing alpacas and fleece. They are updated on a regular basis in consultation with the BAS judges’ panel, the BAS National Show Committee and the show organisers.

Crowd Pleasers

Alpacas are a great crowd pleaser at agricultural shows and every year between 300-4000 registered animals are shown in organised events of varying sizes across the length and breadth of the UK.

The minimum number of alpacas needed for a show is 25 and there is no maximum as yet. The largest alpaca show ever staged in the UK was the BAS National Show which achieved 450 entries, however, large shows normally attract between 100-300 entries.

Live Alpaca Shows

Live alpaca shows take the form of halter classes of fully fleeced, short fleeced, or composites of fleece and halter classes (depending on the time of year) for both huacaya and suri.

Alpaca classes are either judged as age championships or colour championships with classes in all the recognised colours from black to grey. The classes are defined by age: Junior 6-12 months; Adults 24-48 months; and Senior over 48 months.

National Shows

One of the highlights of the alpaca showing year is the BAS National Show which is an annual open entry event for all registered alpacas. The BAS National Show is one of the biggest alpaca events in Europe and is held in a central location to allow all the breeders in the UK to compete with a minimum of travel time.

The BAS National Show is open to the general public and provides many attractions for everyone with a genuine interest in alpacas. If you are smitten with the alpaca, want to find out more, or just want to see the best of the best then the BAS National Show is not to be missed.

Alpaca Shows are fun!

Alpaca shows provide a public showcase for these wonderful creatures, enabling breeders to advance their breeding programmes towards improving the standard of the national herd. They are also fun! Breeders are keen to encourage more people to own and enjoy these unique animals – they love talking alpaca and will enthuse from dawn until dusk! So if you want to see the very best of alpaca breeding, then make a date with one of the BAS shows and start your alpaca research.