Breed Standard

BAS has produced a Breed Standard

This breed standard has been developed to encourage the objective assessment of the form and function of the alpaca. It is intended as a guide for breeding selection, to promote the pursuit of the alpaca exhibiting high quality fleece traits on a correct frame.

The ideal alpaca should not only be fit for function, but be seen as the embodiment of the very best conformational and fleece traits of the breed. An ideal alpaca is one that produces high quality fibre over a long, healthy and productive lifetime.

Whilst the breed standard places traits into ‘ideal’ and ‘negative/undesirable traits’, most alpacas will fall somewhere between the two on the continuum of the different characteristics. However, the standard promotes the goal of reaching the ideal through selective breeding, resulting in genetic gain and phenotypical improvement. Consideration should be given to the longevity of the ideal traits and thus the commercial benefits that this brings.

Note: Traits are not listed in any particular order – It is acknowledged that some traits, especially those of fleece, will continually improve over time and that this standard is not intended to be static, but to evolve alongside alpaca breeding in the UK.

You can download a  PDF version here.

British Alpaca Society Breed Standard Apr 21