Month: March 2021

Kate Brookes  – 29 March 2021

As I sit here writing this, with the sun streaming in the window, I’m wishing my life away, well about two weeks of it anyway. That’s how long it is until the first cria is due on the farm. We mate from the start of May until early July, meaning our cria are expected from Mid April until the… Read more »

Duncan Pullar  – 15 March 2021

Very few new technologies are revolutionary in that they do not wipe away everything that went before. They tend to be rather more gentle in the way they “take over”.  Motor cars overlapped with horses for 50 years, petrol cars will overlap with electric models for 30 years, and so on. In society there are… Read more »

Clara Boulton – 8 March 2021

Since joining the board, it has somehow seemed extremely busy ‘at home’ despite the lockdown. From being elected, I really enjoyed the first meeting, which was on my 25th birthday. It was so exciting to have an excuse to properly have to think and brainstorm for a good while. Over the various lockdowns from March… Read more »

Ken Freivokh  – 1 March 2021

Some 12 years ago, Liz and I were offered the opportunity to purchase land adjoining our cottage.    With an offer accepted, we looked at each other, and the question was – what would be the best use of such fields?   We both love animals, it clearly was an opportunity to look after some, yet my… Read more »