Month: September 2021

Sue Loach – 26th November 2021

What is a Stockmans eye? Sue Loach – 26th November 2021 What is a Stockman’s Eye When I started keeping Alpacas 16 years ago, having had horses for most of my life, I was under the assumption (wrongly) that being a farmer was going to be much easier than keeping horses.  I assumed (wrongly again!)… Read more »

Emma Taylor – 21 September, 2021

We, like others, have had a prolonged birthing season which is finally over. Our first dam, a well grown maiden, had clearly read the instructions & started labouring shortly before 5am & first check of the day. By 1pm she was in established labour & we watched from a distance, eagerly awaiting her first cria.… Read more »

Sue Loach – 13 September 2021

Last weekend saw the first National Alpaca Farm Day for us all.  I have to say I agreed to take part with some degree of trepidation, and I spent as much time worrying about whether anyone would turn up as I did about being overrun. We decided that we would offer mini walks , just… Read more »

Clara Boulton – 1st September 2021

  It has been a lovely Summer down at the farm, with our small group of cria. I dare say we have had a relatively easy year. However, our biggest success hasn’t been related to one of our own cria, it has been helping a special little alpaca called Prince! Prince’s mum wasn’t producing much,… Read more »