Author: British Alpaca Society

Clara Boulton, 3rd November 2021

Clara Boulton – 3rd November 2021 November is by far the most (for the wrong reasons) predictable month for weather, in my opinion, and after just a few days of it I feel like we have entered what I dub ‘monsoon season in West Lancashire’. Which is flooded roads, pictures of cars floating and sodden… Read more »

Ken Freivokh – 26 October 2021

Ken Freivokh – 26 October 2021 Liz’s dad fell in love with border terriers and in 1952 bought Huskie from Wattie Irving, station master at Musselburgh, followed some years later by Jester, sent down to Sussex by train.    Wattie’s son was Ronnie Irving, who bred the famous Dandyhow border terriers, later Chairman of the Kennel… Read more »

Ron Mackintosh – Blog 19 October 2021

Ron Mackintosh – Farewell BLOG 19th October 2021 Six Years as Chair of BAS Looking back, the last six years have been a period of quite significant change for BAS and I have had the privilege, and challenge, of leading the board through it. During this time we have seen much greater member participation in… Read more »

Elaine Clarke

11 October 2021 It seems like it was only yesterday that we were welcoming new life onto the farm and so, it is hard to believe that October is upon us and that we are in full flow with our Autumn regimes. As with all owners, maintaining a healthy herd, is central to everything we… Read more »

Sue Loach – 26th November 2021

What is a Stockmans eye? Sue Loach – 26th November 2021 What is a Stockman’s Eye When I started keeping Alpacas 16 years ago, having had horses for most of my life, I was under the assumption (wrongly) that being a farmer was going to be much easier than keeping horses.  I assumed (wrongly again!)… Read more »

Emma Taylor – 21 September, 2021

We, like others, have had a prolonged birthing season which is finally over. Our first dam, a well grown maiden, had clearly read the instructions & started labouring shortly before 5am & first check of the day. By 1pm she was in established labour & we watched from a distance, eagerly awaiting her first cria.… Read more »

Sue Loach – 13 September 2021

Last weekend saw the first National Alpaca Farm Day for us all.  I have to say I agreed to take part with some degree of trepidation, and I spent as much time worrying about whether anyone would turn up as I did about being overrun. We decided that we would offer mini walks , just… Read more »