Kate Brookes – 15th November 2021

15 November 2021     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

As I’m sure you know different people do things different ways. Usually they are not totally right or totally wrong. One way to divide people up is by those who like to work hard and those who prefer to take an easy route. You can also divide by those who like to do things the way they’ve always been done and by those who keep coming up with new ideas.

I’ve been told that the best people to have around are the ones who take it easy and have lots of ideas. That’s because their ideas invariably save time and work.

So what had this to do with alpacas I hear you ask? I don’t know what sort of person I am, but think it’s always good to share those ideas you have, especially if you find they save you time or effort, so here’s one of mine.


I have magnet fixed in places where metal gates need to stay open (but it’s not critical if they close.) Big magnets and small ones. Magnets come in kg strength and I have found 10-12kg one is just enough to hold a gate open, so it needs a slight tug to release it. I have a 75kg one on a gate I want to keep closed while I work in a pen. It’s great on a round bar, but too strong on a flat one. It’s still one handed to release it and easy in gloves. I wouldn’t use them to stop groups mixing, but perfect for quick husbandry work in the barn.

They also hold dosing charts on the metal barn wall on vitamin days (fix an old steel baking tray to a wooden wall, for magnetic surface) And feeding amounts inside feed bin lids. I’m sure you’ll come up with other uses.”