Duncan Pullar  – 23 December 2020

23 December 2020     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

To start this Blog  I thought I would look back at 2020.  The whole year has been rather difficult.  It started for me with lots of preparation for the National Show that never was.  Having spent a couple of months getting ready for the Show I spent the next month undoing what I had done.  It is worth say that everyone associated with the Show, BAS member, Supplier or trade stand holder were very accommodating and the “undoing” was all done in a good spirit.  At that stage no one new the whole showing season would be lost.

Its surprising what you have to learn about when a national crisis beckons.  I invested a fair amount of time discovering if shearers would be allowed to work this year and what travel they could undertake.  Having got the rules clear BAS issued a letter for shearers to use as confirmation that they were on legitimate business.  Despite the problems shearing was completed albeit over an extended season.  Well done shearers!

As the year progressed we all got more used to the restriction and the BAS Board became familiar with the joys of Zoom calling.  I think we have had the full range of Zoom errors, from trying to talk while on mute through to freezing in mid-sentence and then disappearance.  One Board member is convinced the presence or absence of rain in their area makes a huge difference to the quality of connection.  Talking of Zoom, many regional groups embraced its use to stay connected, and it was great for me to have a little chat with organisers around the country to see what they were up to, and how they felt about the world.

Thanks BAS members for making my job, in a difficult year, do-able.  Your generosity in time and effort is appreciated,