Emma Taylor – 18 January 2021

18 January 2021     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

2020 has been an extraordinary year in many ways for us in terms of mill, herd & shop as well as personal & social lives not just with C-19 but Brexit too!!

Lots of changes have had to be implemented not just in daily life but in our working life too. But with that came positives – fresh appraisal of the work/life balance, time to catch up on the never-ending list of jobs which have previously had a low priority but are now completed albeit with more jobs added to the list as a result! Sadly, no time to machine knit & be creative – designs will have to remain in the grey matter for a bit longer! Meanwhile the alpacas graze on oblivious to the troubles of the world & continue to be my calming influence & escape place to go for de-stressing. Thankful to have the alpacas & sufficient space to wander with the dogs without actually having to leave home.

Part of my daily life is dog rescue, specifically spaniels but when a plea for help came in for two German Shepherds during the initial lockdown, our fantastic team could not refuse. So, we have acquired an honorary ‘Second Chance’ golden oldie girlie who is living out her days with us. Zeena (13) has rekindled my love for GSD’s. Her younger fur brother acquired a fab home with a fellow alpaca breeder too.

Another task that we have needed to be very aware of is that of a visiting fox – I keep birds of prey & said fox has been a damn nuisance trying to dig into flights & aviaries. Work in progress!

As for other aspects of daily life, COVID-19 has kept me away from my children, grandchildren & mother for more than a year now & is causing ongoing anxiety for their welfare & what the future will hold longer term for them; the Board has discovered the value of Zoom meetings (so much easier & more productive & at no cost to the membership) as have some regional groups; I’ve not missed the freedom to go out at will (yet) – probably serves as a reminder that working 80+ hours a week is what keeps me er, sane!

The strain of maintaining C-19 compliance for our staff is onerous yet necessary (actually fed up of cleaning multiple times a day!) but latest regulations mean that 2 of 3 income sources remain closed though the online shop sales continue to grow but has allowed me more time in the mill than prior to C-19. Never thought I would be doing virtual shopping with customers to the shop! Meanwhile the initial lockdown also allowed for time to plan upgrades to the mill one of which is at the point of completion as I type. We have a fully automated scouring system at long last!

Paddock breeding became a necessity for us in 2020 to ensure the absolute safety of our stock hand, with one slipped pregnancy to date which was revealed on Alpaca Chat UK with photos of a tiny yet formed foetus being the low point but added to our understanding of alpacas further.

I am hugely grateful that we live in the middle of nowhere in Norfolk, that we are fit(ish) & healthy, that we have a fantastic team here with great friends to keep us connected to outside life. Here is hoping that the Beast from the East 2 does not materialise! Hoping you all stay safe & can appreciate the positive aspects that this awful pandemic has brought – they are there!