Kate Brookes – 19th April 2022

19 April 2022     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

The power of the internet amazes me!

A few weeks ago, an alpaca contact messaged me a picture she had spotted on Pinterest – an alpaca playing the bassoon. Those that know me well, will know that I have two passions in my life (family excepted of course) alpacas and playing the bassoon. A quick google search identified the artist, her website provided contact details and, as I type, a lovely painting of one of my alpacas playing my bassoon on its way to me from the USA. It turned out that the original painting was done for her bassoon playing son and she hadn’t realised he’d posted it publicly. The whole interchange, around the world, took just a few minutes.

I’ve also found that posting videos of my alpacas (I try to include a bit of education in many of them) on social media results in contact from right around the world, questions, comments and answers from the Philippines, South Africa, Latvia, Australia, USA and many more places. Usually it’s just a quick interaction, but some have resulted in long distance friendships and video chats, sharing our alpacas. Such a step forward from the old pen-pal system of communication.

I’ve never tried to run my business virtually, but I am sure it is enabling so many customers to find British Alpaca products. Such a bonus.