Kate Brookes – 22 June 2021 

22 June 2021     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

Embers, the cria with a kink

One Sunday tea time I went to feed my mums and cria and noticed that Embers, a 5 week old cria, had a very obvious kink in her neck. When the vet took x- rays it was clear that this was a significant subluxation. It was not causing any neurological signs at all, but needed action to be taken as, in a growing cria, it was likely to cause issues as she grew. Although my vet has plenty of alpaca expertise this was not something she had come across before. She sought advice from others with more experience. It is at times like this that I realise how fantastic our alpaca experts are. Advice was freely given to her from those with experience in the UK and beyond.

Our first plan of sedation and traction with manipulation has not improved the neck. Next we are getting advice from a specialist chiropractic, with experience of similar injuries in alpaca necks. I so hope it works. Embers is a very special girl and becoming more so as she stays calmly in the barn with her mum and a friend.

Whatever the outcome I just want to offer thanks to all those who offer their time and expertise to help us do the best for our alpacas. I don’t have the names or details of all who help me, but they all played their part, thank you! We are part of a wonderful community. And here’s hoping Embers makes a full recovery.