Paul Hetherington – 16th May 2022

16 May 2022     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

This week I saw something I’d never seen before. I went out at 9pm to do the last check of the birthing paddock and caught some movement at the edge of the wood. First thought was rabbits – about the same size – but as I kept watching whatever it was wasn’t moving like a rabbit. As I got closer I realised there were four fox cubs playing in the late evening sunshine. The yearling boys were all standing on their fence line 20 feet away watching intently.

The cubs were completely unfazed by me walking towards them until the vixen put her head above the bank, gave one short bark, and they all disappeared under the fence.

At first you first think that was cool then you start to think should I be worried about a foxes’ den 50 yards from the birthing paddock? In reality it probably doesn’t matter if it’s 50 yards or 500 yards, the foxes will still be roaming about at night, so there is no point worrying too much about it. You have to hope the mothers do what is natural and protect their cria. Mind you – just in case – we’ll be keeping the cria closer to the house at night for a while!

On the plus side there are definitely less rabbits about this year. All they do is dig ankle breaking holes in the middle of the paddocks so I’m happy to see less of them!

I’ll let you decide if the cubs are cute or deadly by watching the video on the link below.

Video link