Sue Loach   – 14th October 2022 – Poo

14 October 2022     British Alpaca Society     BAS Board

As alpaca owners we are constantly being told that the biggest issue we face is the risk of parasites in our herds.

I have to confess to having had occasional problems with the dreaded Barbers Pole and Emac , costing time, money and sometimes heartache.

I’ve learnt to run faecal samples, I spend ages body scoring and checking membranes in order to head these things off but still occasionally I get thrown a massive curve ball.  If any of you are like me, when something goes wrong, I blame myself.

I have to confess to never having been a great poo picker however following a sudden loss of a Cria last year with Barbers Pole I decided I needed to get a grip.  So being the lazy soul I am, I advertised for help, well despite a reasonable hourly rate, flexible working conditions and the odd cup of tea, I just couldn’t find anyone who could stick at it.  I tried a machine, hated it, tried to get John to help me (selling it as a chance for us to spend time together).  That ended badly on day 1 when he informed me, he couldn’t do it as he wasn’t enjoying himself (as if I was enjoying it !!!!) he nearly ended up with a pan over his head.

I’ve finally resigned myself to going solo with my plastic pan and barrow and now I’ve recovered from the aches and pains of the extra work I have to confess I quite enjoy myself, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking at all that poo in the barrow and at my beautiful clean paddocks, until they all poo again.

And the best thing is that if the parasite fairy visits again, I will know I did my best to avoid her.
And it’s a great way to avoid housework.